Nano Technology

Nano Technology Unveiled: Enroll in our Nano Technology course and uncover the fascinating universe of the ultra-small. Explore the science behind manipulating materials at the nanoscale, revolutionizing industries from electronics to medicine. Journey into a world of limitless possibilities with the power of nano technology.


Course Overview

Nano Technology Course: Venture into the Minuscule. This course is your gateway to understanding and harnessing the potential of nano technology. Delve into the science of manipulating matter at nanoscale dimensions, driving innovations across diverse sectors. From quantum dots to nanomedicine, this course equips you to navigate the incredible realm of nano technology.

Points to remember

  • Mentoring Sessions with Industry Experts
  • 40+ Hours of Training
  • Access to Exclusive Training Content
  • Practical exposure through Real-time Industrial Projects and Assignments
  • 6 months LMS access
  • Industrial Training Completion Certificate from INTRAINZ
  • Internship Completion Certificate from INTRAINZ
  • Letter of Recommendation upon good performance in projects
  • Campus Interview Preparation Support for students post successful completion of the Industrial Training and Internship (Including Aptitude Training, Personality Development Workshops etc)
  • 1 minor (Individual) + 1 Major (Group) Live Industry Grade Project with emphasis on individual concept building as well as performance while being part of a team